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The complete tool to starting your Professional Oil and Gas Trading Company. The Kit will be emailed as attachments. Please send your email address to info@eurame.com


Complete Guide to Starting Oil and Gas Trading Company.

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Start your own Oil and Gas Company and become one of the big time Traders in this very lucrative Industry. This manual will teach and guide you from A-Z on how to start and execute successful Oil and Gas Purchases/Sales Orders. 

How to start, Operate and Manage Oil and Gas Trading Company.

Tools of the Trade.

You will find Samples of actual Proposals and Legal documents to guide you, plus how to write Corporate Offer letters, Executive Summaries and templates for Oil and Gas Contracts. You will also learn from this manual different terminologies associated with Refined Petroleum Product's Trading.

Global Oil Community

Be a part of the Global Oil and Gas Community and take advantage of our offers and Product's information. A single "Spot Purchase" Oil transaction will change your life.

Oil & Gas Traders World.

Available in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, German,  Korean and Dutch.  

Customer Support Services.

If you have Questions or need guides on any Oil and Gas related issues, we are here 24/7 to assist you. Run into difficulties with  Proposals and Contracts, our Professional Traders are always here to guide you.